What is it?

A prize to accelerate the development of zero carbon aviation

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The Challenge
Fly a zero carbon emission 100+ seat passenger aircraft between London and New York and complete the return trip within 24 hours of starting out.
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Predicted Timeline...






1 Sept 2020

Prize Fund


£1 million


Prize Fund


£10 million



Flight Prize


Why is this important now?

As the world adapts to the new normal, in the wake of COVID-19, we realise that the climate emergency urgently needs addressing to avert an even bigger global disaster. Flight numbers will return to normal levels – adding to the global carbon emissions.

In 2019, Aviation caused just under 1 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions (over 2% of global carbon emissions). However, it also has a huge role to play in business, trade, culture, education, as well as our leisure and happiness. The Freedom Flight Prize doesn’t believe there needs to be a compromise of having to accept a high carbon footprint for getting to travel. The Prize recognises that the technologies to power flights based truly on zero carbon renewable energy are within our grasps...
What's the Prize?
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First to complete the Freedom Flight will earn a place in aviation history. The winning team will also take the Prize Fund, anticipated to be in £million's by the time the challenge is met.

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Freedom Flight Prize is an initiative led by Carbon Footprint Ltd, the climate change solutions provider.

Find out more by visiting www.carbonfootprint.com