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How to Enter?

Start by completing the "Interest in participating" form at the bottom of this web page

Who can enter?

Climate change solutions are welcome from anywhere, so we encourage innovators, traditional aircraft manufacturers, academics, entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers to participate from around the world. If you believe you can build a team to design and develop an aircraft that can meet the rules of the Freedom Flight Prize then you can participate.

Registration Process

Stage 1 - Complete the "Interest in participation" form below
Start by registering your interest to participate using the form at the bottom of this web page.
Following this you will be sent a more detailed application form requesting information about your team, and how your potential solution will address the Freedom Flight requirements.
Stage 2 - Submit application form
There is a registration fee of £1000 to submit the application form, this covers the initial application validation. This is a one off admin fee.
The applications will be validated by the Freedom Flight Judging panel, to ensure they meet the requirements set out and the ultimate goal of achieving Zero Carbon Aviation.
Following successful application validation, we will agree the level of detail about your team and solution you are happy for us to share with the media and on this website with you.
Stage 3 - Submit notification of Freedom Flight Attempt
Stage 3 is the exciting stage, when you are ready to do the flight attempt. This will include details of when and where the flight will take place, so the Freedom Flight Judging Team can be notified and check the aircraft before and after the attempt.
An attempt fee of £5000 must be paid before the flight attempt is made. This will be fully refundable if the attempt is successful.

Judging panel

A Judging Panel will be formed from one or more of the following fields:
  • Climate Change 
  • Aviation 
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Science
  • Engineering
The judges will check the initial applications meet the requirements for the prize, and will oversee and validate the flight attempt.


Participants will be responsible for their own development costs and costs associated with each attempt.
Register your interest in participating in the Freedom Flight Prize

Thanks for submitting!

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