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Dr. Bobby Sethi

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Dr. Bobby Sethi is the Deputy Director of Research for the Cranfield University, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing. He is an Associate Professor in Gas Turbine Combustion and Environmental Impact as well as the Leader of the Cranfield University Technoeconomic Environmental Risk Assessment (TERA) for civil aviation in the Propulsion Engineering Centre. He is also a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. 
His research is focussed on investigating the technical and economic benefits, environmental impact and risks associated with novel, low emissions, more efficient propulsion technologies and asset management strategies for civil aviation. He is the coordinator of the ongoing EU H2020 ENABLEH2 project and has made significant contributions to a number of past EU H2020 and Framework Program projects including ULTIMATE, LEMCOTEC, CLEAN SKY 1 (SGO-ITD and TE), CLEAN SKY 2 (DEMOS), DREAM, NEWAC, VITAL and VIVACE. He has co-authored 34 journal and 75+ conference papers and has supervised 23 PhD and 130+ MSc students. 
"Greening civil aviation is absolutely key to our global future. It is imperative to succeed without the vast economic and social damage that result if aircraft operations were to be constrained.  Radical aircraft propulsion technologies must therefore be developed urgently.  Most likely to succeed in this grand challenge (promising full decarbonisation and ultra-low NOx emissions) are hydrogen (H2) and electrification. The Freedom Flight Prize is an important and timely initiative that will complement other national and international efforts to accelerate entry in service of these technologies."
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