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11th March 2024: Karl Young believes the availability of liquid hydrogen (LH2) at commercial airports will ensure an accelerated development of LH2 airliners, especially supersonic and hypersonic platforms.

ABC: Future Tense Interview

Broadcast on 18 October 2020, Freedom Flight Prize Founder, John Buckley, spoke to Anthony Funnell about the prize. 
Listen in for more information about the prize and the motives behind it.
Click here for the ABC page.
John Buckley, Managing Director of Carbon Footprint Ltd and founder of the Freedom Flight Prize, explains what the Prize is and its role in tackling climate change

Freedom Flight Prize Announced

On 1 September 2020, the Freedom Flight Prize was officially announced and this website was launched
Making headlines

“The challenge for zero carbon transatlantic flight is now on.”, Simply Flying


“… it will be one of the top achievements of the decade, and perhaps one of the most memorable technological advances of the century.”, CleanTechnica

“New X-Prize”, Scudrunners

“Winning the Freedom Flight Prize would be the gift that keeps on giving.”, Intelligent Living


“Just as the Orteig Prize drove Lindbergh to talk a small aircraft company in San Diego into building his Spirit, and the Green Flight Challenge inspired Tine’ Tomazic at Pipistrel to come up with the winning G4, today’s Freedom Flight Prize may cause the best designers and builders to come forth with something just as revolutionary as those past prize winners. Luck to all.” Sustainable Skies

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