Freedom Flight Prize Rules

Complete a return flight with a zero carbon emission aircraft, capable of carrying 100 or more passengers, between London and New York* and complete the return trip within 24 hours of starting out.

  1. Must not create CO2 emissions in flight.

  2. Must be powered by either energy generated from renewables or a zero carbon fuel produced using energy from renewables (for example Hydrogen).

  3. Must be able to carry at least 100 passengers (the flight must be completed with a ballast to represent 100 passengers each with a mass of 90kg).

  4. Must fly from London, UK to New York, USA and then return back to London, UK* (or vice versa).

  5. Must be able to fly each leg in under 10 hours.

  6. Must complete the return flight within 24 hours of starting out.

  7. Each leg must be non-stop, without the need to land to refuel on route between London and New York.

  8. The aircraft must meet the current (at the date of flight) aviation and safety requirements in the USA and UK, and any other international requirements that may be applicable for such a technology demonstration / test flight.

  9. Participants must be registered with the Freedom Flight Prize before completing the historic flight.

  10. Representatives of the Freedom Flight Prize must be given access to the aircraft (before and at the end of the flight) to be able to validate the aircraft meets the requirements, and be able to track the aircrafts progress and flight path during the flight.

The first person, company or team to do this will be awarded the Freedom Flight Prize Fund and take their rightful place in aviation history.

Frequently Asked Questions
The Small Print...

Carbon Footprint Ltd holds the right to update the rules from time to time. This may include clarifications and corrections, but will never change the ultimate goal of the Freedom Flight Prize which is enabling zero carbon aviation.

*Airports must be within a 50 mile radius of these cities. The route can also be flown the other way round i.e. New York to London to New York.


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