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ZeroAvia builds hydrogen-electric aviation powertrains for all aircraft sizes.
Founded in 2017, ZeroAvia has been flying its 6-seat prototype aircraft since February 2019, and has flown the World’s largest hydrogen-electric aircraft in the UK in September 2020, and will be scaling our technology to 100+ seat aircraft by 2030. To achieve that, ZeroAvia - along with Airbus and Rolls-Royce - is co-leading Boris Johnson’s JetZero Council. In addition to the engagement with the UK Prime Minister, ZeroAvia is the recipient of multiple R&D and demonstration grants from the UK Aerospace Technology Institute and InnovateUK.
ZeroAvia business model provides replacement powertrains for popular aircraft types under a simple and predictable hourly leasing model that includes green hydrogen supply from ZeroAvia fueling infrastructure. Local production at the airports drives costs per seat-mile below that of jet fuel, initially for 10-20 seat 500-mile aircraft in 2023
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